Out Now: Family Guy – It’s a Trap!

Out Now: Family Guy – It’s a Trap!

Today sees the much anticipated final instalment of Family Guy’s Star Wars saga, “It’s A Trap”, released to DVD and Blu-Ray in North America (region 1) and Australia (region 4).

Special features include:

  • Trivial Pursuit: The writers battle one another in the ultimate game of Star Wars knowledge
  • Peter Shin Draws: Viewers watch Peter draw a few of the popular characters from the trilogy as he talks about the conception & evolution of each
  • Sock Puppet Outtakes
  • Making the Scene: Commentary from Seth Mac Farlane and Peter Shin on a side by side comparison of the animatic & final version of a selected scene
  • Audio commentary with Seth MacFarlane, David A. Goodman, Cherry Chevapravatdumrong, Shannon Smith and Peter Shin
  • Animatic
  • A very special message from Darth Stewie.
  • Digital copy

There are also special packs available. You may have seen the “Laugh It Up Fuzzball” trilogy box set which incorporates the previous chapters, “Blue Harvest” and “Something Something Something Dark Side.”

“It’s a Trap!,” on its own, is on sale for US$22.98, CA $25.98 and AUD$29.98 on DVD. And on Blu-Ray for US$29.99, CA$32.99 and AUD$34.98. All standard retail price.

UK (region 2) sets will go on sale next week, December 27th.

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