Watch Meet the Quagmires

(Season 5 Episode 18)

Death grants Peter’s wish to go back in time to 1984 when he was 18, but only for one night. He end up bailing on a date with Lois to hang out with a movie actress. When he returns to the present, he soon realizes that everything is but normal, as he is now married to the former actress, and Lois is with Quagmire. Meanwhile, Stewie, Chris and Meg have all inherited Quagmire’s charming characteristics.

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  • killerodd

    this better

  • Sodergren

    I love when Brian sing in the end !

  • iheartstewie

    Video has been removed due to infringement! HELP! :'(

  • sharpeye

    how come when peter waved at brian and brian waved back you could hear the guitar inthe background but brian wasn’t playing.

  • Monkeymatt

    Whooo hoo, Roger from American Dad made an appearance!

  • Derekgrabe

    you just got rick rolled :)

  • Derekgrabe

    you just got rick rolled :)

  • Derekgrabe

    you just got rick rolled :)

  • Because Brian wasn’t playing a guitar?