Watch Partial Terms of Endearment (Banned Episode)

(Season 8 Episode 21)

A friend asks Lois to be a surrogate mother, and she agrees. But when her friend unexpectedly dies, Lois isn’t sure what to do. This episode has been refused by FOX to air on television in the US. It will appear on BBC3 in the UK for it’s premier.

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  • Demetriomad

    boo to that dress lol

  • Jontygoodey

    family guy is awsome :-)

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  • are u kidding me? this was what all the fuss was over… it was funny and i love family guy but come on… i saw nothing in this episode that was offencive enough to not air on network and recieved the lable “banned”… all the back alley abortion jokes and what not… i mean come on realy…. people chill the F@&k out…. there is way more important shtuff to whine about…. i do not condone abortion but i can choose to watch this or not on my own… im an adult with a choice of what i watch… Banned? no… a disclaimer maybe but seriously…. chill

  • Miley

    All video links of megavideo are broken in this episode. :(

  • Oh, I’m sorry for the late response, links have been updated. Thanks for letting us know about it.

  • James

    mega video is the best one to use

  • trevor

    whats the controversy? i dont really get the big problem… ppl get too touchy… its a freakin joke

  • It’s weird that abortion is even up for discussion.

  • ant boy

    well if u want to see it on tv come to england cause we OWN!!!

  • Untestigo23

    this episode wasn’t very good.  seemed like they were pushing the subject a little too much. im glad it was banned so i didn’t waste 30 minutes of my night…. oh wait i just did anyway

  • Some random guy

    This is why I watch FG on adult swim.

  • Sergioenri878

    stewie doesn’t cry when hes sleeping

  • Don

    OOh men i love an british accent!! Is it weird i get a boner when i hear a british woman talk?! oohh i luv it!!

    …….. greetz from holland.

  • Jonathan Forma

    why isn’t it letting me watch the video!?!? when i click on the links, nothing happens!!

  • Stewie

    Why the fuck are people complaining if you don’t like it fuck off and don’t watch it and stop bitching about it.

    You are the reason why tv is full of fucking crap these days because people like you complain and whine and the good stuff gets banned or taken of air

    If you can’t watch family guy without a sense of humor then you must have a shit life
    don’t watch anymore seriously stop Rueeneing TV.

  • Adam Teeple

    It was actually a pretty fair and balanced take on abortion

  • Ken Kaneki

    You spelt really with one ‘l'; shame on you.

  • Ken Kaneki

    You spelt ruining like ‘Rueeneing'; shame on you.

  • Miros Tovarnytskyy

    There are children who just watch everything and anything because no one watches over them.Their young minds get shaped by television and the themes as well as messages.The ban in my opinion is not needed but I see why it was enacted in the U.S. Unnecessary drama over a cartoon.There are far more prudent and crucial things to watch over in this world that need attention. Case in point, the Ukraine and Russia….