Watch And Then There Were Fewer

(Season 9 Episode 1)

When the residents of Quahog are invited to a stately mansion for a weekend getaway, the retreat turns into a real murder mystery when guests end up dead and everyone scrambles to solve the crime.

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  • killerodd

    all come on

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  • harry


  • Stella

    It says, this episode airs on September 26th, 2010. Can’t you read? How could you watch an episode not released yet? LOL

  • Thomascheshire

    thos is aired today and its not on!!!

  • S. Kindl

    Can’t wait for this episode. Just some hours and we will watch it here :D

  • ABabyEater

    WTH DUDE!! you can’t watch this because IT HASN’T AIRED YET DIPSHIT!!

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  • AaronJMurphy

    What a fantastic FG 1 Hour Special.

    Before watching the video I recommend the video to buffer for a bit :)

  • Edsd

    stewie rulez !!

  • Markan

    Wow I like the HD version. I’d like to download but whenever I click on the download link it redirects me to some other site :

  • Sylvio

    You can download a free software from graboid and you can download any episode for free. I downloaded this episode in HD and it’s really great ;)

  • Patexampl

    Ok the third mega video link is brilliant HD quality but the first mga video link buffers faster but it’s quality is not that good

  • Eze865

    if anyones gonna take this bitch down, its gonna be me.. ahahah.. stewie is the man..

  • Pat Example

    this makes me wants to write a horor book :D

  • killerodd

    thats funkin awesome

  • YanniLove

    this was a kick ass episode! OMGeeeeee!! <3 I wonder what will be next for F.G.!! No more Diane and the rest of those dead muthalovas ahhhh iM too hype right now! :)


    THE END! :o)

  • Akozyr

    At last, James woods is dead

  • Jack

    ok can anybody tell me why it plays, but with a blank screen…..i have selected this episode, selected the link, waited for it to come on, and it says it playing but there is nothing on the screen and no audio. Does anyone know how i can fix this? thnx

  • Sdfs

    FG gets worse and worse in my opinion. I miss the old humour. Compare it with old seasons i.e. 3rd. I think that FG team has burned out…

  • Mcflypixie

    it keeps buffering its so annoying put i like da video

  • Dinoguy1


  • Luissanchez0305



    for everyone that is complaining about the plot and such
    guys, this episode isn’t a normal one it’s dedicated to MacFarlane’s mum based on the favourite types of books she used to read. and to be honest, they make family guy they can choose to make whatever they want, if you want a perfect series the way you want them, make one.

  • steezdrippn

    Watch the second link.


    This is also on Hulu if you can’t load it. Totally sucked, btw.

  • JPalto

    Very predictable ending…. Simpsons did it first with Maggie shooting Mr. Burns just as Stewie shot that newsanchor bitch

  • Kieran-murray

    this is the most kick ass Ep ever and i fell sory for seth about him mum :( … still very good Ep

    (Go Stewie)

  • #1 Fan of family guy

    ZOMG Joe can drive a car with no legs! only thing i found wrong in this episode infact its the only thing iv found wrong in any episode. meaning not too much but for an actual movie they should of paid more attention D:

  • Retardface

    Disabled people can drive cars. You’re stupid.

  • Hehehe SPOILER ALERT!!!

    Spoiler Alert!!!!

    I knew it was ganna be Stewie with a Sniper :P

  • Sez_sarah

    wat a dikk head

  • sez_sarah

    lol jks i no its funny as

  • Sez_sarah

    good for u!!1

  • Sez_sarah

    i let it buffer for a couple of mins and it was fine lol haha

  • famguy2010

    if it worse n worse dont watch it

  • Luissanchez0305ISGAY


  • Aircrusher Wafi

    hmmmmm…… DE JA VU

  • aircrusher


  • Dollyi


  • Dolly


  • famguy

    >:O lol this is not stupid, its kinda good cus now we have the less liked people dead

  • Tittyvonmore

    This was just like a book I read in High school By agatha christi.

  • meliss90

    i don’t get why everyone’s complaining. i thought this episode was hilarious.

  • Luke7771

    an enjoyable watch and funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Sebastianperez

    the worst family guy episode ever…

  • Patar

    Why does everyone hate this? This was amazing!!

  • rastahfar

    ending in funny as hell!

  • BlackPeach2

    Then pause it and wait for the transparent line (the gray one) to get far away from the black line.

  • idiot

    Not people who cant use their legs at all idiot

  • Bryan

    those are aired 2 months ago and it was not on so i had to watch it in the computer.

  • Jackass

    Actually there are cars made with all hand controls for people who are paralyzed from the waist down. so Retardface is correct.

  • Staceylee2k11

    it is so funny xx :)

  • stacey bradshaw

    HAAHHAHA @ the endingg !!! love this sort of thing ! :L x

  • steven

    you sick cunt…

  • Bily55

    i freakin love this episode :D

  • yo


  • Www Kevinmac631

    nive one now its ruined

  • S0nicb0y2008

    well dont read the comments lol

  • Dinosaur

    i thought it was the maid

  • Sodergren

    Love the intro XD

  • Better name than yours

    this guy said famiy guy sucks! 3rd season was crap!
    They finally have something interesting happen and then theres some mystery and extitment happenand you talk shit about that ! wow if you only like sex and violence then go watch boxing and porn! FAG!

  • Better name then yours!

    Who ever are the 3 people tha liked this at the time i commented this are fags
    and read what i said to the other guy that commented on this poorly faget !!

  • Better name than yours!

    I would by your book!

  • LiL’ Joe

    Stewie is a straight goon 4 that lol

  • ROCKYN615

    I love this episode it was like the best one

  • ROCKYN615

    Yeah I know finally he is dead after 2 episodes of screwing up Peter’s life he is dead

  • ROCKYN615

    Dude this was the best 50 minutes you son of a bitch so get ur finger and shove up your pussy and go fuck mom and i know u want my dick

  • Brandon

    I loved this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My new favorite episode!!

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  • Gaulk92

    Family Guy just changed their audience. The old humor required a 1st grade level education. The new humor is intended for educated people

  • Gaulk92

    They’re too dumb to figure out the jokes.

  • Mr. Blobby

    The newer ones are so much better
    stewie used to be evil and boring….now hes a barrel of laughs. Yeah i said barrel of laughs. and what.

  • Veldrimor

    that was frigging baddass. The beginning starts off slow, but it picks up in the end, nice :)

  • N15 K

    fuk u

  • N15 K

    fuk u u mois guy diked

  • N15 K

    same here it says next year

  • Chanjuj

    I think this episode was made after the book And then there were none By Agatha Christie

  • moi

    I didn’t know we would be able to download it being in Canada. I loooooooove this episode. ur mom would’ve been proud of this. well done. xoxoxoxoxoxo

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  • Kool-aid

    Cool episode!Oh yeah!

  • Rai Francisco

    fuck off dude its getting beter annd better

  • Jjoey7913

    like this if 37:17 scared you!!!

  • Paula

    I think it was a great episode, don’t really understand what was everybody’s problem…

  • funnymonkey

    ba bum ching!!! 

  • Nomail

    omg this episode was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steve21xenos

    most awesome episode evar

  • Jesus69

    Your mums arse is amazing

  • Mor Far

    WOW.. this makes perfect sense. More episodes like this… 
    does this episode took idea from book , movie or something? If it’s let me know the name of whatever… :)

  • Rumeshdias

    they should make more episode like this one

  • Assshit

    SON OF A MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • xj joshx

    this is better than the othersssssssssssssss

  • Shiloh1270


  • Shiloh

    i agree this movie is awesome

  • Stewie__Griffin

    its dedicated to his mom.
    its based on her favourit books.

  • Stewie__Griffin

    its dedicated to his mom.
    its based on her favourit books.

  • Stewie__Griffin

    its dedicated to his mom.
    its based on her favourit books.

  • Stewie__Griffin

    its dedicated to his mom.
    its based on her favourit books.

  • kchan

    everyone please use the megavideo instead of videobb

  • Trev

    What’s the reason? Videobb links are just working fine and they’re even faster here in Europe…

  • Your Mom

    Lol, gotta Love Stewie !! :D

  • Sdswag

    the book was better but this was entertaining

  • TheAwesomeCara

    Best. Ending. EVER.

  • TheAwesomeCara

    Best. Ending. EVER.

  • LifesLikeAMadHouse

    Ok I’m just gonna say it now… be perfectly honest I don’t know why people hate this episode because in my opinion I think it’s pretty freaking awesome.I don’t care to know why you hate this episode and I definitely don’t want to sit here and hear you complain about it.People actually think this episode is good and if you don’t like it don’t sit here and whine.If I seriously hated an episode I’d go find another to watch,not sit here and say how much it sucks.Just sayin’.

  • Meh

    Ok this is annoying, I was just getting 2 the good bit and IT STARTS 2 BUFFER!

  • Meh

    I hate it when it buffers

  • Meh

    I don’t! I just hate when it buffers

  • Meh