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(Season 9 Episode 13)

Chris and Meg think their parents have it easy, and Peter and Lois beg to differ, so in order to teach them a lesson, they all trade roles. Chris goes to work at the brewery while Meg runs the house. While things start off well, it’s not long until the stress of running a household and being the sole breadwinner break down Chris and Meg.

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  • max

    i can’t wait

  • Moises

    its going to be so funny im going to laugh so hard if the trade their sexual places to lol

  • I cant wait!!! =D


    perv!!!! xD

  • samX

    to day is march 20 so way it didnt started yet.

  • Anonymous

    Because it airs tonight 9/8c…

  • BigBen

    When is it gonna be available UK time?!
    This is episode is gonna be awesome!!

  • Huge Fan

    I’m so un-patient right now!!!

  • Anonymous

    The episode ends 1:30am GMT — it should be available here right after that.

  • Familyguy#1fan

    Me to im dying for the episode. Can’t wait…..4 more hours

  • Joseph

    LMAO at the Asian drawing and then the asian actually appears later LOOOL.

  • Preachingpagan

    yet another unfunny predictable episode. wtf is going on! something is just not right. i never thought id be writing this. im so disappointed.

  • That guy

    In-patient douche bag.

  • amazing as always

  • marky

    haha this episode is awsome… i like the ending… WHAT DO YOU GUYZ DO WHEN THE SCREENN GOES BLANK…LOL…..

  • makeitworthit

    i gotta admit family guy is a growing tv seris that grows in humor over time. id like to see more sketches and comedy but i understand development needs to take place. id like to see something just out of this world just once with this show like it used to back in the day…. now i await a decent episode to actually laugh from beginning to end.. *cricket*

  • Blarf

    IM-patient asshat.

  • Anonymousal

    lol Chris: i may want more smokes

  • Anonymousal


  • Hot Ray

    ROFL, when the guy spat a cow at peter i almost pissed myself!!

  • Drogin_drogin

    Damn this is funny! XD

  • daewonskate at youtube

    click mega video it works

  • None

    Black, when the screen goes “black”

  • Patriktripes

    Oh f*ck…I’m moving to canada,and I’m gonna g to a new highschool D:

  • Yomommasofat

    you are a sick individual, mister.

  • NQHOWARD2001

    this video is so funny watch NOW

  • NQHOWARD2001

    this video is so funny watch NOW

  • NQHOWARD2001

    this video is so funny watch NOW

  • NQHOWARD2001

    this video is so funny watch NOW