Watch Foreign Affairs

(Season 9 Episode 17)

Bonnie and Lois take a little trip to Paris, but Bonnie crosses the line in the City of Love. Meanwhile, Peter homeschools Chris and Meg using some unorthodox teaching methods.

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  • laryman


  • Zabimaru12

    so like bonnie cheats on joe in this episode? =O

  • Greg

    Can’t wait to watch it tonight :)

  • Guest

    Muppet style :D

  • Arafna

     I didn’t like it. The only fun part was when Joe and Quagmire…:)

  • Lyllot

    Hahahaha great episode

  • Anonymous

    yep. while squishing quagmire for use to make him seem like he is walking on his own, but quagmire is really walking for him, you see him strapped to joes back when he walks out the door at the end before the teacher scoots around naked in chris’s school 

  • Anonymous

    I hope i didnt spoil it for you all.. 

  • Quagmirefannr1

    not the best episode but still prety okey.:)

  • Quagmirefannr1

    the music thing in peters class kinda ruined it all

  • Trev

     Yeah, and it was like 3 mins from a 20 minutes show…

  • FamGuy2001

    Great episode, apart from the 3 minute music video.

  •  Loved the Ferris bueller and  American Dad referencesbueller and  American Dad references

  •  Loved the Ferris bueller and  American Dad referencesbueller and  American Dad references

  •  on yeah i like the mine part

  • ha!

    yaaa madd dragonss 

  • David

     that music video sucks i had to wait 4 it to buffer just to skip it ….. damn

  • titsmacgyver

    lol i cant believe tht was a real music video.. 

  • Guest

     haha. peter in charge what could go wrong

  • Mkmarsha

    Wow. That really is the gayest video EVAR. 

  • belldandy

    this episode was so funny. it was the old family guy’s jokes again! but the music video was a bit long, even tho it was funny.

  • Success_you

    this episode wasnt tht great

  • natashageorgia

    sorry to say this but i love bowie <3 so i thought the video wasnt that bad , twaz a bit ott but i thought it was quite funny

  • yoshiller

    wat do u mean this was amazing

  • that guy

    video? don’t you mean episode? and anyway it was awesome, your just saying it because you don’t understad it ;)

  • ha i liked the american dad thing

  • Ezzah luv familyguy

    it wont let me watch

  • David

    i love family guy its a trap