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(Season 9 Episode 18)

Luke Skywalker (Chris) and Princess Leia (Lois) must travel to Tatooine to free Han Solo (Peter) by infiltrating the wretched stronghold of Jabba the Hutt (Joe), the galaxy’s most loathsome and dreadful gangster. Once reunited, the Rebels team up with a tribe of Ewoks to combat the Imperial forces on the forest moon of Endor. Meanwhile the Emperor (Carter Pewterschmidt) and Darth Vader (Stewie) conspire to turn Luke to the dark side, and young Skywalker is determined to rekindle the spirit of the Jedi within his father. The Galactic Civil War has never been more outrageous, as the Rebel forces gather to attack the seemingly defenseless and incomplete second Death Star in the battle that will determine the fate of the galaxy.

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  • Kieran-murray08

    hi first comment

  • Johnlennon

    where can i find the other ones? i can olny find blue harvest and this 1

  • Well, if Something, Something, Something Dark Side is what you were looking for, you can watch it here:

  • Trevorrules

    hi zack carroll i hart you did u watch this i bet ur watching this now tehe

  • Trevorrules

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  • bob

    type it in on the search should be second 1

  • Sam10166


  • StarWarsFangirl

    I cried when Vader/Stewie died… Stewie is my favorite character of all time in all of Seth MacFarlane’s shows.

  • Markblox

    planes trains and automobiles spoof was awesome

  • Dragonicat

    Why cant i press on the megavideo button T^T cant play the video

  • Jameslee22000

    go on season 9 and youll find the other one,

  • Jameslee22000

    seaon 8 i mean

  • Abigailallen

    This episode is so freaking awesome x :)

  • Cameron

    im still alive!

  • Www Loganbailey1

    but john willeoms died

  • mat

    It says “several years later” but it should of said “several years ago”

  • Tomheffo1996

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  • Gus85
  • Koolgecko13

    Actually it says “several years earlier”.Watch the video next time if your going to make an idiotic comment like that.

  • RoCKy13

    That was hilarious! I loved The Prince of Bel Air reference and the fact that the Ewoks were bears haha

  • blackfly

    did any one notice that the fish and alien were of that show American dad?

  • Roflcopter

    thanks alot dooshbag

  • Patrick

    You can shave your yub-nub… giggity!

  • S0nicb0y2008

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  • DJW-23

    this episode is the TITS….. yes, the tits.

  • Govffvo

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  • Dave C.

    Run Nigga, it´s George Washington!

  • Die-bitch

    it says after mash but before after mash gosh

  • GrammerNazi


  • Flaming00

    This fucking sucked!!!! Thank you FOX for another polished turd.

  • R2-PAC

    Not sure if you’re being sarcastic or not but “After M*A*S*H” was a spinoff of M*A*S*H.

  • Russ5626

    Fucking spoilers dude. fuck sake

  • degen

    I think it’s spelled grammar*

  • Stej01


  • Raxsonrax

    “here i am on tattoine”

    “jumping doubledutch like you never seen”

    “i know my way around the rope”

    “help me obi wan your my only hope”

  • Macovei mihu

    there is no sound

  • Jayfuz

    loved the ending

  • Loisbedford

    does it cost anything to watch it

  • Of course not. Our site is completely free, just choose one of the links to watch the episode or click on the download button to download

  • Legolaspie45

    yo dawg that was pree dope, your rhymes are so filthy that you’ll need to wash with soap

  • It’s great how it’s free and all, but Megavideo is a pain in the ass how it stops you from watching videos for too long.

  • Thanks for your comment.
    Any other video hosting site you would recommend?

  • raxsonrax was referring to the episode…

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  • Kaas

    it says earlier but age would’ve still been nicer.

  • yehssa

    REEEAAALLLLY! ur such an idiot, they made a reference to this at the start when the alien came in when stewie says “have we already run out of our own characters” so yeh i thikn everyone noticed you stupid fuckface! If i knew u in person i would fuck ur mom so hard, tape it and show u on ur birthday cos ur that much of a stupid dumb cunt. I would PLOW ur mother on ur bed and not wash the sheets. I bet ur mom has nice tits!

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  • FG4-ever

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  • Ringostarr

    Nice username

  • Jesus

    It would of been more funny if when the stormtrooper fell off of the bike he did the thing peter does when he falls over :)

  • Mickymouse

    do I download it?

  • coolguy

    oh my god it the most evilest guy in star wars Osama bin ladin

  • Upurz

    yim is the bear and rallo llaavvee it

  • John

    ha tis was like wel funi i LOLed so hard love the way he dies LOLage

  • Simpsonelis

    Hi first comment

  • Simpsonelis

    It’s season 9 episode 21

  • Dirtbikefreak1998

    more like lamest commet

  • Anonymous

    I have been a Family Guy addict for a long time. This is one the best cartoons ever made. I was bummed when my last DVR failed because the HD was full of family guy episodes. Which was cool because I could use my sling adapter to stream my recordings to my phone wherever I was so I could watch my favorite episode. I can still do it with my new receiver, but I lost like 3 seasons worth, which of course I can find online or wait for the hours and hours of Family guy that plays on cable. Its funny working at DISH Network you would think I would get enough TV just from the job, but no I need my family on my phone streamed from my house, and I can also watch live tv through my sling adapter as well.

  • Smallsein

    u suck

  • I Fr0z3n I

    lol, i love how meg is always a monster…

  • Joseph

    What? This was out in 2010, which is it suddenly in the season 9 section, its clearly out cos you can watch it and I’ve seen it and it says may 22th 2011, theres a month away still but you can watch it? that doesnt make sense lol, cos its already been out, ive seen it, its in the wrong section.

  • Anonymous

    It’s in the correct section. It’s out on DVD and BlueRay for months now (I think it’s released on Decemver 21st) but it will be the last episode of the season airing on May 22nd, 2011.

    It was the same with Something, Something, Something, Dark Side released on December 22, 2009 and aired as the last episode of season 9 on May 23rd, 2010.

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  • DMC

    “Still Alive” (not anymore XD)

  • Oep

    i was gonna say that lol

  • Eontom

    meg always the monster ha ha

  • Eontom

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  • Tucker

    Do you mean Mila Kunis? She is HOT for sure :D

  • Tommyg123-4

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  • Tylervertrees

     what?really? a space station?! no way! hahaha

  • Tylervertrees

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  • just me

    this aint new? a year old at least??

  • Only you

     Yeah, it aired in the late 90’s :D:D:D

  • ge0rge

    Overall a really poor season… Not up to scratch with the other 8 – only about 4 or 5 good episodes.
    As for this – how is this the last episode of season 9?! When they said that there would be a ‘special 1 hour long episode’ to end the series i was expecting new material. Whats going on?

  • hawk86

    why are they playing this again?

  • Je3bys

    I literally LOL’d when luke killed darth vader.

  • shaf

    how come megavideo is not working

  • o_Guest_o

     It works fine here, just seems to load a little slower at the moment.

  • Fat-Old-BumbleBee

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  • Bratspack

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  • Megadog

    look up Something, Something, Darkside

  • Casssimirochaos

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  • qqoqq

    when is the 10th season coming ?

  • Dinoderp

    Lol that was exactly what i was thinking xD

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  • Osama Hatter

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  • NMsid

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  • Lol, i saw this on dvd like 6 months before they put it on tv :o

  • Trev

    Just like everyone else on this site, Michael… It was posted here on the same day it hit the shelves :D

  • Minjeta

    Why can’t I open any episode on my iPad?

  • Julian

    just played the force unleashed and Darth-stew talks about a guy he was hanging around earlier? Was this Video made before starkiller or after? I think it’s just a coincidence.

  • Brandon728

    were doing jedi again arent we?

  • Brandon728

    were doing jedi again arent we?

  • Se

    well….we’re waiting! hahahaa

  • Waiting for what? :)

  • David

    how come when i wana watch its a trap it ceeps on sayin that theres no more episodes in that season

  • Because you clicked on the right arrow for the next episode (and there are no more episode in this season). Please click on any of the links above the player, where you see “MegaVideo”, “VideoBB”, etc.

    I hope it helps ;)

  • Kanisesewilson

    everyone likes family guy

  • Jim Cock

    how do i start this :/

  • Kaldor

    Klaus: It’s a Trap! IT’S A TRAP!!!!!!!!!…………It’s also a cat”
    LOLZ. BEST(For now) MOVIE EVER!!!!!1

  • tfgrt

    well thats not nice