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(Season 9 Episode 2)

When Brian learns that Rush Limbaugh (guest-voicing as himself) is going to be at the Quahog Mall for a book-signing, he decides to go down there and give him a piece of his left-wing mind. But when Rush unexpectedly comes to Brian’s rescue, Brian has a political change of heart.

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  • Zaiks

    I could care less for american politics… These kind of episodes just don’t appeal to me at all.

  • FAMFan

    i agree.. this wasnt the good episode at all..

  • Tornado Tornado3

    i bet family guy had to do aomething that teahes people or they would be sued

  • Black


    Republicants Sucks!! xD hate em…

    Hate em…

  • Bj

    wow, arguing about politics is annoying…family guy arguing about politics is complete trash…

  • Edb31

    wenever i try and play this vid it dusnt hav any sound!

  • Kjhvv

    it doesnt because u have to choose the second one with worst resolution

  • Vanauken_bryan

    This is episode is propaganda trash that would give Josef Goebbels (Nazi war chief of propaganda) a hard on. Not funny. If you don’t swallow Rush’s material you must be a terrorist. Regan loves me this I know because the bible tells me so.

  • Read

    What The Eff Did I Just Watch!!!!???!! Eff this Bull Crap That was another crappy waste of time about Dedrading Politics and ripping on Ethnic Minorities… Hehehe…

  • Read

    only One rip on a a Jew and a Black guy… wow the biggest rip on a white guy was Rrr Nnck… Something like that… this was Pointless… didnt change a thing and It was not Funny in any way… unless your Gay… It rhymes ok…

  • Read

    anyways Eff the government and Eff Religiong that doesnt even read the bible properly… or whatever Holy book they follow… Stupid religion will go first Then the Government will crumble…

  • Read

    Then there will be a persecution of some kind towards a few Die Hard Religions that Make there stand by ignoring the temporary law to stop there actions and then World Peace followed by The most Catastrophic event towards the Human Race and its creation as the cherry on the top… There I said it… Read Books including Holy Books properly and dont be brainwashed by a convincing speech morans… Research for your-self and see the facts… You all too Eff’ing LAZY… Eff Loud mouthed Brainwashing Douches convincing Dumbasses to do what ever they say…

  • Read

    they think one verse is the main plot… Look up Hell and See in the Bible There is no thing and Look up Going to Heaven for your Self… It clearly States Its for the Chosen ones… and Look up Paradise… I wonder where Paradise Earth means and I wonder where That will be… Hmm… READ FOR YOUR SELF!!!!!

  • me

    Edb31: try using the 2nd link it has sound

  • Blahblahblahblahblah

    worst episode ever!!

  • Carnivoreboy


  • Irwin

    i want diane back!

  • jerry

    What the hell were they thinking? Its like the Obama administration is telling them what to write. WTF?

  • basti

    this season sucks!!!

  • x_brian_x

    what are u guys talkin in the first link there is a perfetct sound ur just

  • Pervysage2009

    Try the 3rd link good quality

  • Kdolejack

    At first, Rush ended with a “Grape of Wrath” speech and then he turned into the Bald Eagle and flew into the American Flag. I don’t know. But I’m a Republican.

  • max

    u idiot go to the other one

  • Steven_smith

    why you putting politcal comments on a animated cartoon lool

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  • Mendez

     Brian Praying???? wow

  • wutt

    I dont think that whenever religion ‘will’ fall that the government is going to too.

  • Monkeymatt

    Did anyone notice that Brian was praying with the Griffin family when Rush limbaugh came for dinner.
    In the episode not all dogs go to heaven, Brian reveals that he is athiest.

    Technical flaw there.

  • Thehellhound456

    hahah. you damn kids.

  • Nrobertfooter

    Its because he became a republican and they have to believe in god lol

  • Nrobertfooter

    Who cares seriously just because you decide your part of a certain “side” doesn’t mean anything in the end conservatives and liberals are all part of the same side and that’s America.

  • azwindydesert

    This is one of my favorite episodes

  • azwindydesert

    At the end, when he runs and turns into an eagle, soaring into a brightness and then the sun, as the clouds depart, and the music is playing with the violins and horns and drums and triangle (I think) and crescendos to a climax before settling into America the Beautiful…’s breathtaking! And it’s just a cartoon….LOL

  • Guest

    Hah, better kill babies than murderers. Libtard scum :)