Watch Halloween on Spooner Street

(Season 9 Episode 4)

Peter and Joe team up to execute a series of painful and humiliating Halloween pranks on unsuspecting family, friends and neighbors. While Brian shows Stewie the ropes of trick-or-treating, Meg sets out to attend her first high school Halloween party with high hopes for the evening.

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  • LIL J


  • killerodd

    but it does not come out till nov 7?

  • Lil J

    lol i kno but it will be great i just wanted to comment first =P

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  • Conor_herr

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    y the hell is the family guy episode isn’t out yet

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  • pepito

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    its today, wtf even if u check tbs website it doesnt even air today ass

  • albert

    Its not even 7th anymore,,, im gonna kill justin bieber and then family guy for lying

  • Shh2828

    Where’s the episode? How come it’s not on the website yet?

  • Radikvaliev


  • alex 01

    this episode is hilarious.

  • alex 01

    first one to watch the episode. YEAH!!!!!!!

  • Nicolecarslake

    brilliant! way to got Lois and oh my meg and chris that is nasty uh oh talk about keep it in the family

  • Yourmum

    lmao, ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

  • pepito

    stewie rocks!!! you fuckers, ball suckers

  • Angry

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    you must be British like me if you are the time differenced in America like if it was 9:00pm that’s when it is out in America you will have to whate till1:00am in the UK.

  • Kathyhearts

    fukk this you cant see shit

  • Shae

    meg: Who did you think i was!!!
    chris: Some bitch who cares!!!

  • Amanda

    Lois:Peter get down here
    Peter:You know what I think you should just PISS OFF

  • Real BS

    Who are you and why are you using my name to flame commenters?

  • Chelsea-61

    lol my favourite is the one with peter called meg and there friends ugly b*******!!!,and the one the couple are fighting when joe was stoping them and peter put some music on it xD!!!!HAHAHAHA

  • Boodaman26

    Im looking for an episode I saw the other where Peter walks outside the front front door and sees a black cat and screams, then a crow and screams and then his neighbour…anyone know which episode this was…thanks

  • night of the retards

    Click on one of the button that says “megavideo”

  • harry

    u are a bitch

  • harry

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  • Kate

    Meg: Yeah your right Chris! Maybe he will call tommorow!
    Chris: You’ll be disapointed

  • Jackmcd4

    if your from the uk wait atleast under 6 minutes or a while and u will get it trust me

  • Debbie

    great i love this and it is funny who else

  • Debbie

    i know but not that ugly

  • Iqra

    meg: who did you think i was!!!
    chris: some bitch who cares

  • Destiny

    Lois: Now go you into your purse, and take out $40 and put it in the bag
    Justin’s Mom: I don’t have $40
    Lois: Oh I understand. I’ll be back tomorrow for the $80 and I’m taking your welcome mat!

  • ZOMG

    “I always thought the Japanese fly a flying sausage” LOL

  • penuis


  • gahh

    i loves the new intro

  • like

  • chris and meg making out LMFAO!!!!!!!!!

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  • Sgtworm

    stewie: damn u        tallahasse: here *gives rifle* holds your breath then breath ut while squuezing STEWIE: WHO THE DAMN fine shoots kids

  • Ross

    hahaha i’ll be back for the 80$ tomorrow and i’m taking your welcome mat

  • babyprincess

    brian: whats with all those EGGS?
    peter: evry haloween  someone is it and if someone is it then the other two people splatter eggs on them.
    lois: well whos it this year?
    Quagmire shuts door,window, curtain and looks through door hole Quagmire: whoa whoa whoa this isnt my parcel
    peter: whos parcel is it
    Dick pump: THATS MY PARCEL!

  • Babyprincess99

    shut up

  • Nateon

    Just… wrong

  • RedRoofer

    i love the mirror confrontation. most animals think their own reflection is another of their species. a few exceptions though like the magpie (bird). 

  • RedRoofer

    i love the mirror confrontation. most animals think their own reflection is another of their species. a few exceptions though like the magpie (bird). 

  • RedRoofer

    i love the mirror confrontation. most animals think their own reflection is another of their species. a few exceptions though like the magpie (bird). 

  • annonomaous

    that was racist

  • Stewie Griffin

    i loved it how the Fatman screamed UGLY BITCHES
    those bitches must be really PBS-ing