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(Season 9 Episode 7)

Stewie’s favorite thing after his teddy bear, Rupert, is Christmas. So when he hears that Santa is making an appearance at the mall, he begs Brian to take him so that he can tell Santa in person what he wants for Christmas. Brian begrudgingly takes Stewie to the mall, only to get the brush-off from Santa. As a result, Stewie and Brian travel to the North Pole to find Santa and teach him a lesson in holiday cheer.

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  • cool stuff

    what the heck they changed the descreption it was actually stewie travels to the north pole to kill santa not to teach him about a lesson in holdiay cheer…………..-.-

  • cool stuff

    but i don’t want santa to die :( i like santa he gives me gives and joy :D

  • Ertryyytt

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  • Tdrtyftyftt

    the creator is a basterd

  • things like cheese

    haha =D haha i like CEREAL

  • Stewie G =D

    what the duse?

  • Ertryyytt

    whats up with u man ur demented

  • Eoin-mclean

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  • Stewie


  • Stewie

    santa is not real

  • lalal experience

    i cant watch it -.-

  • pepito

    everybody loves 8=D except me suckers haha fuck!!! i screw it again!!

  • sam

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    i like turtles.

  • anonymous al

    lal come back at 8:00 pm
    it will work

  • anonymous al

    same thing to you sam

  • dune

    its half 9 in uk so how long is it until 8 where u r?

  • Glenn Quagmire

    ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER !!

  • i luv family guy]

    it airs at 11:30 which is fuckedup.!!

  • Anonymous

    i luv it airs at 8 oclock

  • anonymous al

    dune it aired at 7:00 in ur part of the world

  • anonymous al

    its true cool santa is smoke and mirrors you stupid sob

  • J Fallon21

    does it air at 1130 uk time?

  • John

    what channel does it air on in the uk and what time ?

  • youjizz

    i love porn

  • Adeelahmed

    where what channel plz reply back

  • Adeel ahmed

    i think so can’t wait I love family guy

  • Igraywood

    So this will be up once it has aired in the UK?

  • tasha

    Its the 13th where I am! why cant I watch this yet?

  • KMA6794

    It airs at 8:00?!?!?!

  • KMA6794

    Awwww man!!! I need to go to go to bed at 8:00!!

  • lol wut?

    and as soon as people realize the same about jesus, mohammed etc. the world will be a better place

  • youjizz

    this is gay

  • Michael Robbinson

    frekin asshole. dont question religion some people believe it some people dont but dont go offending the one tru god u fag.

  • pepito

    what a fagg!!

  • pepito

    its more than 8 pm and still doesnt fucking work!!!! :$

  • megan

    y cant i watch it its the 13th dec!!

  • Jason1995

    guys, you gotta wait like 4 hours then we can watch it becuase its airing in america first, which starts at 9:30, im in the uk and they are like 8 hours beind us, so its almost 2:00 am now, so we gotta wait 3 hours :)

  • pepito

    hahahahahahaah ha f*** u and whats ur phone number

  • Fentener van Vlissingen

    This airs on Fox in the USA from 0830 to 0930 pm ET. It is now 0900 pm ET and 0300 am
    in Western Europe where I am. So the episode ends at 0330 am here and at 0230 am in
    the United Kingdom. And then it still needs to be uploaded by someone.. Maybe in an hour
    or maybe two it will be online. Be patient and thanks already to the uploader.

  • M. Fentener van Vlissingen

    Stop swearing and realise organised religions already forever are insulting people
    from the arrogant belief religion gives a veto-right to to express and act out of one’s
    own religion even if it destroys others.
    But when an unbeliever points that out most of you start whining and get agressive.
    In the DNA of religions they are determined to be righteous and holy, well, frankly
    they do some of the morally and ethically most despicable deeds on earth.
    Fuck you, as long as I have to point out you’re way off.

  • livelovelaugh

    wow. umm, i think we should let others believe what they want to believe. after all, your way isn’t always the right way.

  • lol wut?

    If we never questioned anythin then we would all think the earth was flat, stick leeches on people to heal them etc. Questioning stupid sounding things is GOOD. Dont get pissy with me because i dont believe the same as you do. Alot of the atrocities we know have been on behalf of religion

  • tasha

    hahahahaha…. NO!

  • livelovelaugh

    yeah, but just like we don’t tell 5 year olds that there isn’t a santa clause, we don’t tell others that their g;d doesn’t exist.

  • Watch full episode of Family Guy Season 9 Episode 8 – Road to the North Pole

    Watch it here for free streaming :

  • Stylo

    Wow. So I cam to watch a Fam Guy episode and I also get to see a bunch of ignorant, arrogant, religion-bashing retards that probably haven’t stopped sucking on their mothers’ tits yet. Gotta love the internet.

  • Jas

    when does this go on in australia

  • Freyr

    I like cats.

  • Freyr

    I love hentai.

  • guest_1234

    lol I like this episode thats why Christmas is way materialistic now, did you see all the shops got early with their stock in August. Ah I like it when people make fun of religion its lethargic. Dark Angel rules.

  • Gigi-guy

    how much for the pot?

  • NiggaStoleMyLegs

    wasnt that funny -.-

  • Myass

    ur a noob a maths noob

  • dizzypudding

    Wow, so the people that have actually thought about it, and then come to a conclusion of their own conclusion after considering the EVIDENCE are the arrogant and ignorant ones, not the people who just accept whatever they are told? Only someone willing to accept religion as truth cold ever follow such retarded logic!

  • Luciano

    I hate christmas but this one was ok.

  • Paulcappie

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  • cool stuff

    dude shut up check what i right after, the one i wrote about the descreption before you open yur big fat mouth

  • cool stuff

    its right on top of you Idiot

  • Yourmum

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  • JustMe

    this makes me wish Santa Claus was real, lol

  • Funeral_thirst_verbalicious

    jeeeeeesus you stick a comment box anywhere and it always gets filled with the same crap about religion and race, get a fucking life already and just enjoy family guy, if you wanna talk about that shit take it somewhere else and stop depressing me when all i wanna do is watch a good show.

  • your-all-pathetic

    cant reply to your other comment so this one will have to do and hold on a min why wouldn’t you tell 5 year olds Santa aint real do you enjoy giving them a false sense of belief in some magical fat man that gives them presents so when they grow up and realize your all full of shit and have lied to them most of there lives they turn into stuck up snot nosed little bastards with no respect for adults a bunch of greedy youthful bastard is the last thing i want to have to see on a daily basis its people that go around full shit spouting nonsense about Santa and the Easter bunny and god and the devil and all the fake horse shit that ruins this world and the children with your vile deception of all that is real by covering it with a bunch of crap get a life fuck tards


    your a compleat idiot you have no valid points to involve in this debate so clearly you should not even comment

  • ahh

    Everything was fine with family guy till i saw this low life comments. look guys, if you cant control yourself or your egos, u just need to be silent.

  • ssgtworm

    ok why would peter sit on santas lap comment to my qustin

  • Santa

    i want some pots, how much its?

  • Lomo_logo


  • Guest

    good ep… need more Peter in this series! Brian & Stewie are awesome, but in s9 they’re beggining to over play them a little…


    Aww. Not enough jokes in this one. It was also pretty f***ing gross, so they could have done better.

  • Paulcappie

    yeah that guy’s a total freak. hentai is so fucking weird, thank god I just touch little kids like a normal fucking person.

  • Itachi_uch1ha


  • Roflcopter


  • Roflcopter

    i heard that i was doin ya mum

  • Ydnaelets

    This episode sucked, i hope the net new ones will be alot better, i am a hughe family guy fan , but in all honesty this episode was really bad.

  • Katie

    Cleveland: Alright,But if it’s a gym membership, SOMEBODY WILL PUNCHED IN THE F**KING FACE!! LMFAO

  • Spamer


  • tyland

    I don’t see why people are offended by Seth’s jokes. I am honored that he made fun of my state of Maine!


    You too are RETARDED !!!

  • LiL’ Joe

    huh well alright, I have one more question…DO YOU THINK I’M AN IDIOT,DO YOU

  • Mjdasalih


  • ZOMG

    lolll the breaking in part was HILARIOUS. Looove family guy

  • Your_a_Dumbass

    You’re Retarded for putting ‘too’ instead of Two dumbass!

  • Jsmith

    What’s with all the atheists always finding an excuse in every video to turn it into a rant about religion even if it’s just a cartoon about Santa. Stop taking everything so seriously and something better to do or you’re just as uptight as the religious fanatics.

  • Somebody

    You’re a dumbass for telling him he used the wrong word! Look who wrote the first and third post! … maybe search the internet for proper ways to use to,too and two! He is stating that him and the other person who made the second comment are both retarded!

  • charlotte

    i love stewie!!!

  • Gdgsgsd

    this was gross, just a complete excuse for blood and gore….not funny

  • Jzagada

     fuck family guy

  • Jzagada

    u suck

  • atlas mortlock

    “We can get out of any mess if we learn to live with less” That’s a really good message 

  • Guest


  • lilj

    the home invasion and the reindeers eating each other was the best part!

  • Sloth782

    “ignorant, arrogant, religion-bashing retards” WHAT! we are retards I’m so sorry for not believing in a man in the sky. to be honest i don’t particularly like people who bash religion for no reason but i can’t stand people who try to it defend even though in your case its not so much a defence but I’m in a bad mood so what the heck. religion is in general what is wrong in the human world it lacks pretty much all morals incites wars and condemns most people who don’t believe in it to hell or hells equivalent depending on the religion. I mean I’ve read more of the bible than many Christians i know and they’ve been going to bible studies for like 12 years give or take 1 or 2 years. all they’ve read is the “good” stuff but the rest of it (this bit is specific to Christianity and the jews but i guess maybe a bit to Islam as they all originated from Judaism) the bible is basically a porno for most of it. has no morals bar the ones about mass murder of people who aren’t christian and raping virgins in the place of angels and how we should treat our slaves (which by the way is in the 10 commandments) so dear christ stop defending those patronising retards who think there better than everyone else because they “commune with god” through prayer which lets face it is bullshit in itself. as if god is there if there is one, so lets say hypothetically there is. is god going to drop everything say the famine in africa because you wanna new car or your friends sick. religion often incites lazyness and over dependence on a beleif that is unjustified. Also a study has proven among the sick people suffer more complications if they know there being prayed for. it’s like the bad side to placebo as they think they are ill or at least worse than they actually and therefore suffer complications.
    “give a man a fish he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish he’ll eat for a year. Give a man religion he’ll die praying for a fish.”

    Also how dumb must you be if it takes a book, a priest and a communion every Sunday to learn to be a good person. i did that by the time i was 2 and a half and all i had were two parents although don’t get me wrong whilst my parents weren’t necessarily Christian i was raised Christian until i had 2 brain cells to rub together and dropped out of that cult.

    there would be more but i truly cannot be bothered to say any more as i just walked the dog and calmed down. hope i cleared a few things up there for you and just so you know i don’t condone or really accept people who go out of there way to “bash” religion like i kinda just did slightly but at least i did so with restraint. also to leave you with a quote

    “when one person suffers from a delusion it is called religion”

  • Sloth782

    sorry got that last quote wrong.

    it’s actually “when one person suffers from delusion they are insane. when a group of people suffer from a delusion it’s called religion

  • metts

    lol why dose the north pole have black teenagers 

  • Bonreocat

    I have watched 0 minutes already,click here or wait 60 minutes.

  • Anonymus

    What are you talking about? :) There are seven links and all of them works great. If you tried a megavideo link and you’ve already watched some movies on other sites, you may be wait some minutes. However, there are other links there. :)

  • wasssssssssssuuuup

    why does quagmire hate brian?

  • Shane Delaney

    lol family guys funny

  • guest

    ehhh brian and stewie are all you need but true more peter, quagmire and joe too :)

  • guest

    ehhh brian and stewie are all you need but true more peter, quagmire and joe too :)

  • guest

    ehhh brian and stewie are all you need but true more peter, quagmire and joe too :)

  • Brandynguyen22

    i THINK brian and stewie is gay

  • Nommer12

    goddamn thing wont work!

  • Ron

    He isnt real???

  • azwindydesert

    This episode always makes me cry at the end.

  • azwindydesert

    The music in this episode is so beautiful.

  • Mary ann

    wait WTF brian wants lois to breast feed him

  • Mary ann

    this show is just the best damn show in the world!

  • Hellena

    LOL the way Brian fucks up so bad when he talks to Quagmire is hilarious, that part with the kid was hysterical XD